Monday, May 20, 2013

Ar-Rahman recitation by Sheikh Mishary


I would like to share this url. It's surah al rahman. Really make me  feel so relax, tranquil and I did keep on repeating the same url over and over again.

Double Birthday Celebration.. Hore

Today 20th May 2013. Quite a very long time, I did disappear from this blog. Been busy with system developing and class to conduct.  May 2nd we have celebrated my youngest son 14th birthday. Venue of celebration is Domino Pizza, Jitra.

 And last week, on the 13th May, celebrating my eldest son silently. Ha!. Silently, because he was busy with the semester exam. So he was occupied with studying, last minute preparation I guessed!. "Not last minute study". And last week also celebrating the Teacher's Day silently too, coz my student also busy preparing for their semester exam.
Today, double birthday celebration. So many wishes from my acquaintance, relatives, students etc. Why double, coz we are also celebrating my daughter who definitely is sharing her birthday with me all these year, since she was born!.

Monday, October 8, 2012

How to be a good teacher

The title i chosed this time, sound so simple, easy to say, but yet not as easy as it looks to be one. To be a good one means to be the preferable, the best you could do, and the kind of student like most.

Rule number 1 (Know Your Student Well)

Today i prefer to discuss what it's need to enable you to be a good teacher as deserved by your student. First it's very vital for a teacher to know well their student. Not that hard, coz the first thing when you need to do is to get acquainted with them. Get their names and try to capture the names with the face. So how to do that when you have so many students???. How to remember every names, how to recall which one is which and whose name belong to whom?

So, here are the tips.
1. The first class, instead of just deliver the course content to cover for the whole semester, what is the evaluation required, what student should do, what they should get, etc....,  (though these requirements are important too, but keep it second).  Introduce yourself, tell the student where to find you, or just let them have your phone number or email address. Ask them what they need to know about you. Therefore the student will feel that you are closed to them, and they know well where to find you when they need you.
2.  Let them introduce themselves. Instead of  only their full names, let them state what is their preferable name need to be address later, their home town, their hobbies, etc and what is unique about them that differentiate from others. This unique thing, make they are easy to be identified.
3.  After they have introduced themselves, just go round the table (the class) each one, try to say again their preferable name that you could remember. If you have a very good memory, sure you could easily say one by one perfectly. But don't worry, not everyone in the world can easily memorize thing perfectly, at least you tried to show them that you have taken the first step, the first iniative to get to know them.
4. The next step remind them, the next time they come to class, please have with them a paper stands on the table(near their seat) to show their names. (Actually you can ask them to fold an A4 paper into three, write their name in the middle part of the paper creatively, and put them nicely with them. If you are standing in front, and they are sitting far far away at the back, you can still see the name on the table. Each time, when you have an interaction with them in class just call their name. I'm sure your student will feel so overwhelmed when they know that their lecturer/teacher knows and can say their names correctly.
5. When you have memorize most of their names,  let them take away the A4 paper with their names, just call them as the names the remembered. They sure appreciated your effort.
6. When the student knows that you can say their names and can identify which names belong to whom, they sure feel so close to you. And of course when you are close to them, whatever contents, whatever knowledge you need to deliver can be done good enough.
7.  But remember this is only the first step, wait for the next edition of this.

Hmm, the second rule will be coming soon. bye for now.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Be Accessible

Wonder why this rule is not included in Ron Clark 55 essentials!.

Being an educator we should be accessible by our student. So that's the way I chose to be. In my own perception a teacher need to be friendly and easy to get along with. It is vital for a teacher to be easily approached by our student. In order to do so, a teacher should have the important factor that guaranteed the success of being accessible which is attitude. Be friendly, and being friendly doesn't mean that you need to be so talkative or a blabber. When a student come and approached you, doesn't matter how busy you are at that time, do give some time. Show your interest in them, and this can be done by your body language. When your hear what they say, do look at their eyes, show that you are interested in what they are about to say, and do lean your body forward instead of backward, caused this gesture is very important that your mind is there and not somewhere else. Do smile, do laugh when necessary, listen attentively , express affectionate interest in their story. That wasn't hard at all. I love to do this, I love to be close to my student, I love to entertain them, and I'm sure when I did all these, they will become close to me too, and their passion towards learning will grow, their perception towards education will thicken and these can assure that they will be in the right track.

Enough for tonite.

Monday, March 19, 2012

"The Essential 55" by Ron Clark

Rule 9
“Always say thank you when I give you something. If you do not say it within 3 seconds after receiving the item, I will take it back. There is no excuse for not showing appreciation.”

Rule 10
“When you are given something from someone, never insult that person by making negative comments about the gift or by insinuating that it wasn’t appreciated”

Hmm specifically I want to stressed Rule 9 and 10 by Ron Clark. Well, both rules are not just for kids but also for grown up. Why sometime it's so hard for some people to show some appreciation. Is it so hard to say simple words (thank you or just tq) but could bring great impact to others. Is it because of the "do not know how to express the appreciation" or due to the "upbringing" or due to the "culture" or due to the "shyness". For whatever reasons, we must educate our kids soon as the know how to talk. I do hear parent teach their toddler the word "tima kacih", absolutely coz they can't pronounced it well but I believe that is an example of how we do nurture the good values starting from young ages. Sometime and most of the time I'm sure how the words "thank you" might change the world. The word "thank you" could also established some kind of bond, connection among strangers. So do always appreciate what ever good deeds happened to us. Don't ever forget to say thank you and appreciated the good things received, nevertheless it is tangible or not. And when you want to express the appreciation please do with the honesty in your heart. Because it's very obvious when you say something that you do not mean it. Because when it comes from the sincere heart, it will obviously appear on your face. And one more thing when thanking or appreciating, do it in such a way that is pleased. Either the tone of voice or the body language shown, it's really matter. Never ever say bad thing of what people gave you, even sometime you don't need the thing but do show that you are pleased with it.

Enough with rule 9 and 10 I guessed.

Lets proceed with Rule 49 , 50 and 55.

Rule 49
"Stand up for what you believe in. You shouldn't take no for an answer if your heart and mind are leading you in a direction that you feel strongly about."

Rule 49 is so true. Do hold tight to whatever you think is right and stand up for it. This is where you should fight for what you believe in. No doubt, when you disagree with someone's idea, you will find ways to strike the point of views given. Yet, do not offended them coz it's so immature to say bad things to others view or opinion. it doesn't matter to have split idea and different point of view, but we must be strong enough to defend our believe yet at the same time think of yourself in other people's shoe. And the most of it, if you dislike the opponent's view, just disagree with the view only, never hate the people him/herself.

Rule 50
"Be positive and enjoy life. Some things just aren't worth getting upset over. Keep everything in perspective and focus on the good in your life."

I like this rule. That's is why we should see the world in a positive way only. When we set to see it positive, then the eyes will transfer the information to our brain, and later our brain will process the information and will effect our body system. Good health more or less, comes from this perspective. You shall smile, think of good things only and the aura effect your brain again, and you will enjoy your life very much. Do learn to accept what fate has destined for you. Be grateful to God always.

Rule 55
“Be the best person you can be.”

Off all the rules, I think Ron Clark has saved the best to the last. I like like like this rule. So whatever our doing always attempt to do it better. If you are a muslim than be the best muslim ever, if you are a child be the best child in the world. If you are a mother, equip yourself well enough and be the best mother that your child would be proud of. And if you are a teacher, then do educate your student to be the best student ever exist in the world.

Enough for now. Time to sleep.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Kursus Penggunaan Blog untuk Jabatan Pengajian Melayu

Selamat Datang ke Kursus Blog - Jabatan Pengajian Melayu

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

PISMP Convocation Portal

Quite several months I wasn't blogging. Lots of things to settled. By end of the year, I was assigned to complete a portal for the PISMP Convocation. Involved with module for staff training and etc. Finally, the module completed on time and the portal has also already being published. Though most of the content nearly done, and can already be accessed via, as usual if there is time, i'll will keep on edit here and there. Thanks Tn Rosdan, for helping me in the graphical design. I remembered when i first published the portal it's combination of colors is so striking and unmatched. Though it is able to function well but i need some artistic touch to make it eye-catche. Thanks again to closest friends who always give constructive comments and suggestion for me to improve the portal. And for the PISMP student, 2008 intakes Congratulation for being nominated in the convocation list. Do confirm your attending via the system.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Turning Point

On 9 to 11 October 2011, i was very overwhelmed with the opportunities given to attend a seminar conducted by my own institute. The venue was in Naza Tallya Penang. Nice view because the hotel is just like side by side with the beautiful beach of Batu Feringgi. Upon arrival, I did enjoy the astounding view of the beach. Me and friend Zuraida did posing with the hotel visitors. The lady from left is from United State and the the second lady from right is from Bangladesh. The latter actually is a newly wed couple. Hmm a week ago, that what she told us. Her husband is the person who took the snapshot of us. Obviously you can witness the beautiful scenery of the beach and ocean behind us.

The keynote speaker for the seminar is Associate Prof Madya Dr. Norzaidi Mohd Daud, a visiting professor for the King Saud University. He is from UiTM Shah Alam and surprisingly he is only 38 years. From the information he told us, he received his phd since 2008. And I was very astonished with his successful in his area where currently he has written 70 published article and 10 books. Aspired with that I hope I will have one sooner or later.
Starting the keynote address with the title "Quality Research", he asked us to take out a piece of A4 paper and mentioned that he wanted to teach us to do some magic with the paper. In my mind ("aha, so excited coz i'll know one magic trick, and can't wait to share it with my student"). He later asked the audience to draw "a leaf". So everybody started their creative invention of a leaf. Nicely drawn on the piece of paper, me too did the same thing. Without further benefit my right side of my brain, I just drew the leaf as what i have been taught since in primary school. Later we passed up our fancy and creative art work to him. He later analysed the drawing one by one, very fast and each of the art work was given the same comment, "common", "not creative enough" etc. Till later he at last found two pieces of art work which were differ from the others. And later he continued his speech by mentioning that in order to have a quality research, we must brave enough to think out of the box. So that's the point of the magic trick. I felt so defeated with the introduction but I appreciated the induction he gave. So this is how to be creative. Yet I can apply this to my class. he he. Thanks prof...

He did asked the audience. "who has already holding a phd", "still struggling for one"and "haven't even started yet"... So each of the audience did raise their hands accordingly. Well, still fresh in my mind he did said that in the making of phd most of the effort comes from ourselves. Majority (95%) from the student own effort and only 5% is contributed by the supervisor. Wow, is that so!... Couldn't answer that yet, coz I myself haven't started one yet.
Hope one day....

need to stop here first. It's time to do some other thing. To be continue later, with some of the priceless contents i managed to grab during the seminar.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Raya di Jitra - 2011

Gravy for Popiah and Keropok Lekor

Yesterday, 11 September 2011 I attended an opened house invited by my student, Ira (I called her Intan, but she called herself ira, so do her friends). The picture above depicted the guests and the hosts for the opened house (most of them are the hosts, except the guys and two other girls and me).
My first dishes was the meehun soup. Nice and delicious blended ingredients. Taste so delightful. I ate one bowl, intended to add some more but, has to reserve my stomach to other food too. I asked them whether they catered the food or home made, and surprisingly they prepared them all by themselve. Linda acted as the chief cook. Hmm not bad at all. Although busy completing their assignments they still can cooked good and delicious food for the opened house. Later I tried several raya biscuits and taste so good too. Finally I grabbed one fried popiah. Hmm, soft and sweet savory taste really made me wanted to take some more. Later when I wanted to go back, they packed and go for me the delicious and savory popiah. Thank you girls for the invitation (please don't hesitate to invite me next time, he he!). Today I met one of them(I called her penglipur lara (how she got the name, I'll reveal later, in other post) and asked for the recipe for the popiah gravy. The gravy they made is really tasty, mouth watering and I like it very much. So here I revealed the secret for the gravy preparation.

1. Dried Chilly
2. Manisan (brown sugar)
3. Salt
4. Sugar
5. water
(Blended ingredients number 1 to 5 together, boiled till it thick)
6. Sesame (fry it first)
7. Corn Flour (a teaspoon will do)
Finally add ingredients number 6 and 7).

Delicious and tasteful gravy for popiah and keropok lekor is accomplished. Do try this at home without harm!....